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Semen Analysis Specialist

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Conceive Fertility Center

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When unexplained fertility issues are interfering with your ability to become a parent, a semen analysis is often the first step in diagnosing the root cause of infertility. Conceive Fertility Center in Irving, Texas, offers on-site semen analysis services to better understand the health and function of your sperm and semen. This noninvasive screening provides the medical staff with a variety of important information about male-factor infertility. Schedule an appointment online or by phone today to learn more about the benefits of semen analysis.

Semen Analysis Q & A

Why do I need a semen analysis?

A semen analysis is one of the first tests that Conceive Fertility Center uses to better understand the possible causes for infertility.

The goal of semen analysis is to evaluate the health and function of a man’s semen, which is the fluid that carries sperm and necessary fluids that provide nutrients for and protect the sperm.

What information does a semen analysis provide?

A semen analysis can provide Conceive Fertility Center with a lot of valuable information about your semen and possible causes for infertility. This type of testing provides details like:

  • Sperm count
  • Semen volume
  • The health of sperm structure
  • The concentration of sperm in a milliliter of semen
  • Percentage of sperm that are moving properly

A semen analysis also provides information about any infection present in your reproductive system at the time of your testing.

What can I expect during a semen analysis?

During your visit to Conceive Fertility Center, you produce a semen sample for testing by masturbating into a sterile cup. In the event the sample isn’t sufficient for testing, the staff can provide you with a special condom to collect semen during sex.

The medical lab needs to test the sample within an hour of collecting the semen. Even if you do the collection at home, you’ll need to bring your sample to the office in enough time to complete testing.

To properly prepare for your semen analysis, it’s best if you avoid sex or ejaculation for 2-5 days before your test date to ensure a good quality sample.

What happens after my semen analysis?

If your semen analysis is the first step in the diagnostic process for infertility, Conceive Fertility Center uses the results to determine what your next steps will be.

Depending on the results of your analysis, your doctor may recommend additional testing procedures or can create a custom treatment plan to address the specific issues that affect the health or function of your semen and/or sperm.

If you need to schedule a semen analysis or require diagnostic services for infertility, you can call Conceive Fertility Center today or request an appointment online now.