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COVID-19 Update

Conceive Fertility Center is following the COVID-19 developments and communicating daily with all state, national and professional organizations. We will be updating our patients on all new developments that may affect their care. Your health and well-being are our #1 priority at CFC.

The guidelines released by ASRM, states we cannot start any new elective cycles until March 30th, when they will be revising the mandate as the Pandemic develops. As for now, we must cancel all non emergent procedures, surgeries and embryo transfers. We are allowed to finish started cycles as per physician’s discretion.

We know how difficult and emotionally charging receiving this information is for our dear patients. We are here for you 24/7. We understand the effort that you have put into your treatment, the time, emotional, financial and many other sacrifices. Individually, and as a CFC team, we are invested in your personal care and goals; our hearts are with you.

We want you to stay positive and safe. Please apply common sense, follow the local and CDC guidelines. We will get through this. When we stand together, we’re STRONGER than any virus.

As per ASRMs recommendation’s, will be staffing the clinical for the shortest possible time with the lowest number of employees needed to care for patients. We appreciate your patience during this time. However, we will be working remotely, from home. Please contact the clinic at 214-224-0778 or email us at your convenience at info@cfcivf.com if you have any questions. We will be checking voicemail and email constantly.

We will offer telemedicine (video and phone) consultations for new patients and establish follow ups. This is a perfect time to regroup with your physician or start your journey to build the family of your dreams. To schedule an appointment, contact us at 214-224-0778, or email us at info@cfcivf.com.

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We’re Setting the Standards in Fertility Research & Care

Conceive Fertility Center is a comprehensive fertility clinic located in Irving, Texas, serving the greater Dallas-Fort Worth community. Conceive Fertility Center offers the best reproductive technologies to help people from all walks of life grow their families.

People face infertility for a variety of reasons, and Conceive Fertility Center has experts in diagnosing fertility issues that help you navigate your journey with infertility. The clinic offers fertility testing for men and women and minimally invasive surgical options to improve your chances of conceiving.

Conceive Fertility Center specializes in assisted reproductive technologies, including in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination (IUI). For couples or individuals who can’t conceive on their own, egg and sperm donation, as well as surrogacy, can be an option.

For patients who know they want to have children in the future but now isn’t the right time, Conceive Fertility Center offers egg, sperm, and embryo cryopreservation services to help them take control over their fertility and family planning.

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Patients find a comfortable and welcoming environment when they come to Conceive Fertility Center. The doctors and staff have warm, wonderful personalities that put patients at ease and help them enjoy their visit as much as possible.

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At Conceive Fertility Center we strive to treat all our patients with compassion and respect. Regardless of your marital status or sexual orientation, you deserve the best care possible.

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We specialize in all aspects of assisted reproductive technologies, including IVF, IUI, donor egg, donor sperm and surrogacy, as well as microsurgical procedures, such as tubal ligation reversal.

Our goal at Conceive Fertility Center is to individualize care to help patients build the family of their dreams


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